MY DIY Crafted Bathroom Makeover that Cost Less than a Hundred Bucks

Our home is circa 1970, and although most of the rooms have gone through makeovers and remodels, the master bath was still the same as when the builders designed it. I knew it was in desperate need of a serious up-grade, but without thousands of dollars to sink into it, I had to gather my crafty skills and combine them with my thriftiness to make the bathroom of my dreams.

What I wanted most was a more modern look, and began thinking about how I could accomplish that for the least amount of money possible. The whole process took an entire weekend, but for less than a hundred dollars the time spent was well worth it.

Assessing the Positives

Although not the most up to date, all of the main points of my bathroom were still in excellent shape. The tub/shower combo is porcelain, and only needed a few touch ups in some nicks. The vanity was still functional, and with all the drawer space it provided, I was not ready to part with that. Plus, pulling the whole mess out would have created a new mess that would have put me over budget to repair. The counter top was not at all to my liking, so I decided to start there by overlaying ceramic tiles with a more modern design.


Next was to organize that countertop with a variety of containers in different shapes and sizes to hold all of our day to day necessities. I found cheap containers at the dollar store and over layed smaller tiles in the same color and design pattern that I had used for the counter top. With these I was able to organize the toothbrushes, hair styling products and one special box that was designated to my significant other’s beard needs. It was just the right size to house his beard trimmer and beard balm, making him feel like his beard trimming routine was my priority.

My biggest expense was with the mirrored medicine cabinet that goes over the cabinet. But once I saw the difference that made I knew it was worth the price. Now with a few new throw rugs, designer shower curtain and a fresh coat of paint, my tired old bathroom feels completely fresh and modern.

If you are able to pick out the positives and focus on the problem areas, you can DIY refurbish any room in your home to make it feel like new. All it takes is a little extra work on your part, but with a lot less workout on your wallet.

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An Edible DIY Craft – Donuts in the Deep Fryer

I am always looking for ways to make at home parties and events more fun and personal. Always loving a good Sunday brunch, I decided to throw one as a baby shower for my sister-in-law rather than the typical lunch or dinner affair. Being me, this involved a number of craft ideas including some for the selection of food I wanted to provide.

The decorations and favors were craft projects I found online, and most of the food was standard brunch fare. Bacon, ham, eggs, pancakes, and crepes were all a part of my menu, along with plenty of coffee and orange juice. The trouble was with the cake. Who eats cake in the morning? Which led to my DIY donuts.

Of course you could always just buy donuts, but that would not do for what I had in mind. My idea was to stack them in a way to resemble a baby shower cake, while making it easy to pull them off individually to eat. Making homemade donuts for this feat just made the whole idea seem fresher and better.


Never Had a Donut?

A donut is a deep fried pastry made using a sweet dough. You can find hundreds of different varieties, even some filled with cream, but for this project I was going for the traditional round donut with a hole in the middle. Some believe that the hole is there because otherwise the donuts will not cook evenly in the center. Taking out the center for me is just an excuse to make more tasty treats to decorate the cake with, but more on that later.

Equipment Needed for Making the Donuts

The number one piece of equipment you need is a deep fryer with thermostat. This is better because they allow you to regulate the temperature of the oil while the donuts fry in the frying oil.

You will also need a doughnut cutter with the hole in the center. Don’t mash that rounded leftover dough back together, but rather put them aside to deep fry after your donuts are done.

A long handled slotted spoon. Even if your deep fryer is small and has a basket, that won’t work when deep frying donuts. You need to pull them in and out of the frying oil using the slotted spoon.

Making the Donuts

Pull a recipe for donuts from online and make your dough. After it has set you can go ahead and heat the oil in the deep fryer and cook the donuts until they are golden brown. Pull them out carefully and let them cool off on waxed paper. You can then ice them and add decorations as you see fit. Now build a “cake” out of graham cracker and icing, and once set, carefully place the donuts on top, stacking them so that only one fourth of each donut is on top of the one underneath. Add your “extra” donut holes as decoration and you end up with a baby shower cake that is perfect for brunch.

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Cute Gift Idea – A Mini Recurve Bow and Arrow Set

I have a lot of friends who have gotten in on this archery craze that has taken over the world, and found a great way to make them a gift that reflects their love for the sport. This miniature bow and arrow set is easy to make and actually will work, so long as your target is only 5 feet away.

To get started on making the mini recurve bow and arrow set you are going to need:

  • Skill Craft Sticks – those are the ones that have small notches all down the sides of them
  • Dental floss
  • Q-tips or Cotton Swabs
  • Paint or fine tipped markers

In order to make the craft sticks pliable, you are going to need to soak them in water first. Do this for about an hour. Once soft you can use a piece of dental floss and wrap it around the end notches of the craft sticks. Bend the stick so that it takes on the shape of a recurve bow.

In order to make the arrow cut off one end of one of the cotton swabs. Then cut a small slit in the center to make a tiny groove. Fray the cotton on the other end to give it the appearance of feathers. If you want you can paint the swabs to make them look more authentic, or draw on them using a fine tipped marker.

You can also do the same on your mini recurve bow, or draw some Indian designs in various colors.

It does take a special kind of finger dexterity, but these recurve bows and arrows really do work. If you pull back enough, they will actually go up to five feet. Just use the slotted end of the cotton swab in the dental floss of your recurve bow, pull back and release. Of course the cotton end will not make a mark in a target, but you could place goals on the floor that have to be reached.


The friends that I made these for all thought that they were great. Some even brought them to the archery league to show them off. Friends asked if I could make one for them as well. This is not something that I would consider for selling, but if I have some free time, I’ll make a few extras to give away.

There are a million crafty ideas out there if you just use your imagination. Archery is all the rage now, and I was thrilled when I came out with an idea that would make my enthusiast friends pleased.

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My First Go at a Yarn Beard

Knowing how crafty I can be, I was asked by my niece’s elementary school to help with the costumes and stage props for their upcoming production. They had decided on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and were really making an attempt at making it as entertaining as possible, not an easy undertaking with 8 and 9 year old actors.

Using plywood, we were able to make some very authentic looking trees for the forest, even using some smaller live pants to give some authenticity. The home of the dwarves was simple, as the teachers had decided on a table and 8 chairs to show when they were inside. We just added another piece of plywood across the back and made it appear like a wall with a window that looked out onto the forest.

The Costumes

At first glance it may seem like costumes for such a simple story would be easy. We had the witch – piece of cake – the woodsman and the prince, and then Snow White. The hardest part about the Prince was his crown, but with gold paint, sturdy cardboard and lots of fake bling, we pulled it off. There is a mom of a 3rd grader who is great at sewing, so she was able to make Snow White’s costume beautifully.

The hardest part surprisingly was the dwarves. How to make 7 kids look like 7 small adults was no easy feat. We really had no trouble with the costume part, but the faces and especially the beards, that was a task. I racked my brain trying to think of some way to make an authentic looking beard for a kid, when it hit me… yarn!


So here’s what you need if you ever have reason to make an authentic looking beard without growing one. Best part is, you don’t need any beard balm or oil to keep it looking nice:

  • 1 skein of wool – get the thick & quick wool-ease yarn, it works best
  • Ribbon that matches your “beard” color – one 1 yard long and the other piece 8 inches
  • Scissors

Now figure out the length of the beard you want and then cut around 50 to 75 pieces that are double in length. How many pieces you actually use will kind of depend on the size of the kids face. Starting at the middle of the larger piece of ribbon, take one strand of yarn that is folded in half and loop it over the ribbon. Pull the two pieces through the loop and then pull it tight. Continue this until you reach the end.

Now use the smaller ribbon to scrunch the yarn ties together, gathering together seven at a time. This will help in giving the beard a more full look. Once you tie it on your little dwarf, you can play with the position of the second piece of ribbon to make it look like a moustache.

Instead of having to use a high quality beard trimmer, you can just take scissors to the ends to tidy them up a bit, and you are left with the perfect beard for a little actor.

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8 DIY Crafts You Can Do in Your Home

I mentioned in my Life Lately posts that I am trying out some new crafts to share with you! I know a lot of people have been waiting for some new crafting updates, so here it is! I hope you enjoy some of these simple DIY tips and craft designs which I found on the internet that you could easily manage to do at home. (Click on the image to take you to the tutorials!)

1. Okra Stamp

I used to do this when I was a kid, and I pretty much enjoyed stamping all my papers using an okra! Also, I always get an A+ on my projects when I incorporate this kind of design into my papers.

2. Hand Painted Gold Mugs

This one is perfect for any occasion! With its gold details, you can never go wrong with how elegant it looks afterward. This link will take you to a step by step instructions using only a spray paint, a used coffee or tea cup, and some other necessary craft supplies.

3. DIY Tin Lantern

If you are like me who used to fantasize on having those dreamy bedrooms that could easily scream ADVENTURE, then this DIY is perfect for you! This is very easy to make, and the end result is quite enchanting, too. I would bring it near my “tent” and pretend I’m on an indoor camp. This would look so epic!

4. Upside Down Stool Wrapping Paper Station

This one is definitely useful for those people who collect lovely wallpapers and don’t have any storage for them! This is pretty neat and could still look like a unique decoration in your place. You can also stack all your craft materials on the side and viola – you are now a messy organizer!

5. Macramé Dreamer

If you’ve had experience on doing a macramé, or if you’re interested to try this craft, it’s very easy to start with. You just need to follow the pattern consistently until every string is finished. Now, doing a macramé dream catcher is all the more exciting and challenging! This piece is always charming when incorporated into your living room or bedroom.

6. Hemp pendant lamps

I’m really all for decorating the rooms with unique and personalized craft projects! For this crafting project, you would just need a hemp string, a ball, and other materials to design these Abaca-styled lamps. You could definitely save money in doing this by yourself!

7. DIY Storage Box

Storage boxes can be sold expensively, but by making your own storage box with your own personalized style/design, you are not only saving money, but you’re also bursting your mind with creativity! This DIY storage box is very simple to make and the outcome is very cute, too!

8. DIY Ping Pong Ball Cafe Lights

Another piece for my dreamy bedroom project! These DIY lights can automatically transform your bedroom into a fairytale land. Perfect for pretending princesses and fairies like me!

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Life Lately + Day Currently

Aside from work today, I had no other spare time to do some writing. So, I decided to make this Life Lately post again since I had been missing out a lot of things lately. Before that, I just want everyone to note that I will be posting some new craft projects later on this week. New inspirations to try, too! I hope you look forward to my work.

So, life lately has been all about…

Managing stress. Although I could really do better with time management.
Playing football with friends. The field was hot but we had a good game this time.
Writing a new set of stories. I will publish everything as soon as I can!
Being invited to a dance date. It’s sort of a date, but it’s for a school dance. Anyway, somebody picked me and I was flushed, but all I could really do is say yes. Hoping we will have a wonderful time this weekend!
Back-reading posts. I missed some updates from friends this week.
Helping mom do the groceries. Even the simplest tasks need to be mentioned. We had such a fun time choosing what to have for dinner!
Planning for a weekend getaway. I wouldn’t really call it a getaway, but it’s sort of like that. We’re going to do some hiking and enjoy the mountains this weekend!
Getting my craft store ready. Yup, it’s done in just a few weeks!
Working on something new for my readers. It’s always great that they interact with me, and now I am working something *~exciting~* to show some appreciation!

Lately, I am currently…

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I know it’s pretty late to join the bandwagon, but I only got to read the book right after I saw the movie. It was tear-jerking and definitely depressing, but I guess pain demands to be felt, am I right? 😉

Scorpion. It’s a TV show that features 4 geniuses who tackle worldwide threats using their extraordinary skills. They’ve got a behaviorist, a hacking master, an exceptional mathematical analyst, and a mechanical prodigy. So far, I am loving this show and I cannot wait for its finale!Scorpion. It’s a TV show that features 4 geniuses who tackle worldwide threats using their extraordinary skills. They’ve got a behaviorist, a hacking master, an exceptional mathematical analyst, and a mechanical prodigy. So far, I am loving this show and I cannot wait for its finale!

The sound of my alarm clock. I woke up earlier than usual and I wasn’t able to turn it off.

On a weekend getaway, which I spoke of above in this post. It’s really exciting, and at the same time really scary.

A new craft and my bedroom wall. I will post pictures after a few days once I’m done with the entire set-up. I am really loving the blend of colors so far. I think I had taken my creativity up a notch this time! Incredible!

I could afford to buy a new iPhone 6+, since my iPhone 5s recently degraded its performance. It is such a bummer especially since I just started playing a new game there.

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